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Greetings Customers,

All of us at Konigsmark Supply Company would like to welcome you and provide you with top quality products and services.

Here at KSC, we Pride ourselves in quality products for our customers. We do not stock items considered junk or so cheap that it will leave a bad taste in our customer's mouth. All our products are guaranteed to perform as expected or we will replace it - fix it or refund your purchase price. All firearms that I purchased usually come with a great warranty. If you order something different, we will let you know about the warranty before you purchase it. So you do not expect something for nothing, we will make every effort to steer you in the right direction for your firearm purchases.

Our Products

Steel Gun


KSC carries firearms. We stock some types of firearms, but our main goal is to supply you, our customer, with the firearm they want by searching it out and giving them the best price possible.

Reloading Supplies

Reloading Supplies

KSC stocks gun powder and primers (what is available at the time). See our list of available powder and primers. KSC also stocks bullets, brass, wads, shot, polishing media and cleaner.



KSC stocks most common calibers and is always seeking the best prices on ammunition and availability. If we do not have what you want or can use, we will research it, find it if available, and give you a quote and let you make the decision to purchase or not.



KSC has access to a large variety of accessories. We do stock some optics, mounts, magazines and some small parts for the most popular style of firearms. Like with our firearms, we can procure just about anything you need. As before, we will let you know the complete "out the door" price before you order.

Used Firearms

Used Firearms

KSC also carries a wide range of used firearms. Remember, our main goal is to supply you, our customer, with the firearm they want by searching it out and giving them the best price possible.

Our Services

When it comes to service, we at Konigsmark Supply Company treat our customers with the utmost courtesy and respect. We realize your time is valuable and cherish your patronage.

Whether it is ammo reloads, steel milling/welding, or firearms, you can trust us to meet your needs.

KSC has the facilities to do minor firearms repairs and welding (stainless and aluminum) (tig and mig) and machine work (lathe and mill). We do experimental machining along with the repair of most anything that needs fixing, targets, headers, brackets, etc.

KSC also has the equipment and facility to meet all your wood working needs, cutting, planeing, routering and drilling.

All work and sales are done by appointment only, as I have to work another job to make ends meet.

About Us

Catalina Picture KSC was started in 1991 on Catalina Island in the town of Avalon by myself, Gary Konigsmark, to provide the small offshore town with a supplier of competitive, hunting and recreational firearms, along with accessories and reloading supplies. As a competitive shooter (IPSC / Steel Challenge) and an NRA instructor, I have a wide background in the shooting world. In 2005, KSC relocated to Bullhead City, Arizona.

KSC does not have a store front per se. Our venues include gun-shows, internet sales, and customer referrals; therefore, we can keep our product prices lower and our customers happier.

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