Konigsmark Supply Company


FFL Firearm Transfers

We are pleased to offer affordable firearm transfers for $25.00 up.


Please let us know by phone or eForm below that you are having a gun shipped to us.

We follow all state, federal, and ATF laws.

From Dealer:

If you are having a gun shipped from a firearm dealer, they will usually need our FFL license prior to shipping your firearm. We need YOU to provide us with the email and/or fax number of the FFL dealer. We will fax our license to them usually the same or next business day.

Ordering Online:

When you order a firearm online, put OUR street address: ???? in the "ship to" address - in other words, your seller will ship your gun to US to complete the transfer and processing.

We will call you when your gun arrives.

Buyer's Information:


Firearm Information (Optional):

Shipping Information (Optional):


Seller's Information (Optional):


Additional Comments & Information (Optional):


Background Checks:

Background checks are required by law prior to delivery of your firearm to you. All gun purchases and transfers require the buyer to fill out the Federal 4473 Firearm form. This is a Federal Law. We can not change or bypass it so please don't ask!

CCW Permit Holders:

If you have both an Arizona Concealed Weapons Permit AND are an Arizona resident with AZ ID card or Drivers License you are "pre-vetted" and we can deliver your firearm in most cases after filling out the 4473 Form.

There are three results:

"Proceed" - you are approved. We are authorized to complete the transfer and give your gun to you!

"Delayed" - IF YOU ARE DELAYED: Please do not be upset. It does not mean you are a criminal. It just means they are experiencing a large call volume, or they may need time to separate your record from others with similar info.

"Denied" - means there is a "flag" of some kind on your background record which does not allow us to complete your firearm transfer at this time. You can appeal a denial via the ATF appeal process at ATF.gov.

IF YOU ARE DENIED - We cannot complete the transfer of your firearm to you, EVEN if you have already paid for it. We can consign the firearm for resale or in some cases we may be able to return it to the seller for you. A RETURN shipping charge may be required for us to reship the gun on your behalf.

IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT BE DENIED - we recommend you make certain your background is clear prior to ordering a gun online. This can be done via the FBI NCIC website for a small fee.

ATF Warning: STRAW BUYERS - "Warning, you are not the actual buyer if you are acquiring the firearm on behalf of another person. If you are not the actual buyer, the dealer cannot transfer the firearm to you."

What this means is that unless the gun you are buying is for yourself the actual recipient MUST be the party to whom the gun is transferred on the 4473 form and who passes the NCIS check. If you are buying the gun as a gift to another or to a family member you may wish to seek legal advice prior to the purchase as law in this area is subject to change and interpretation by different courts. If you have any questions, please call us before buying your firearm online.